Youth Interventions Prevention Specialist

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Primary Functions

Responsible for carrying out a variety of activities aimed at developing, organizing and conducting formal educational and prevention sessions to high-risk targeted population in Lancaster County, utilizing EBIs (Evidence Based Interventions) such as “Becoming A Responsible Teen (BART)” and RIKETS Health Advocacy Program (RHAP). Interventions delivered to 10 to 24-year-olds in various community settings, including facilities for after-school programs and youth-serving agencies.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Compile data and produce monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to submit to supervisor/funders to report program outcomes, such as Narrative report, cycles completed, number of youth attended at least one session during the quarter and the number of youth that completed 75% of the cycle. Due within 15 calendar days after the end of the calendar quarter.
  • Track and submit cohort data to the Department of Health commence of BART/RHAP implementation at least one week prior to start date.
  • Track and submit cohort data to the Department of Health on the cycles completed. The data must include the following: participant attendance to include dates of the sessions; number of program hours intended and the number actually delivered; program delivery setting, number of youth that attended the session; demographics of the youth including age, race, grade level, sexual identity; and whether the youth is pregnant or parenting. Spreadsheet shall be emailed within one week of the cycle completion to the Project Officer at DOH.
  • Administer an entry and exit survey federally required of all youth enrolled in PREP either in English or Spanish. All entry survey must be completed on the first day of the group before they receive any program services. Exit surveys should be administered on the last day the program is delivered.
  • All entry and exit surveys should be mailed to DOH within one week of being administered with a survey cover sheet.
  • Develop, organize and conduct informal educational sessions in the Lancaster County area to advance the awareness in the young people on both abstinence and contraception to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS throughout the eight-week sessions.
  • Facilitate the knowledge and skills base on healthy relationships, including development of positive self-esteem and relationship dynamics, friendships, dating, romantic involvement, marriage and family interactions, healthy life skills, such as goalsetting, decision making, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills, and stress management as indicated per session.
  • Attend mandatory one day Grantee Orientation Provider Meetings held in Harrisburg by DOH.
  • Meet with Persad Center staff in a yearly session every federal fiscal year contracted.
  • Participate in a one-day in-person training on Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) cultural competency held in Harrisburg by Persad Center.
  • Participate annually in the on-going regional training each federal fiscal year.
  • Participate in the LGBTQ cultural competency assessment to be conducted at SACA by Persad Center.
  • Attend a one-day LGBTQ 101 training at SACA by Persad Center.
  • Participate in at least six hours of Advanced Topic trainings at SACA by Persad Center.
  • Contact community youth groups to establish Memorandum of Understanding to present BART/RHAP to the youth in their programs.
  • Promote a strong sense of concern, involvement and neighborhood participation around the issues of the spread of diseases.
  • Produce and file reports as required by the contract administration.
  • Maintain clear and accessible program intervention documentation for site visits, and reviews, following the programs goals, objectives, and outcomes.
  • Participate in program coverage as needed
  • Attend all local and statewide meetings relevant to the success of Nuestra Clinica Education & Prevention Services.
  • Determine and schedule locations for service delivery.
  • Perform other tasks as required by the program contractor and immediate supervisor.

Position Specifications

Our ideal candidate will have the following:

  • High School Diploma or GED or equivalent combination of education and experience
    1 to 2 years of Prevention Specialist experience
  • Experience developing and facilitating lesson plans to youth
  • Basic computer skills and proficiency with Microsoft Outlook
  • Bilingual Spanish/English required