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New Positions: Janitor (part time)Counselor | House Manager
Additional Openings: Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Counselor | House Manager NCRPrevention Specialist | Permanency Caseworker | Housing Coordinator

House Manager  Nuestra Clinica Residential (Full and/or Part Time available)

OVERVIEW:  The House Manager is a key position within the program.  The House Manager facilitates activities and support services that complement the therapeutic program.  In this role, the House Manager oversees the smooth and efficient operation NCR as well as coordinates essential activities, provides motivation, support to clients, and strict adherence to the rules of the facility.


  1. Handles initial telephone communications and refers to appropriate source.
  2. Conducts client screenings, data collection and intake procedures under supervision.
  3. Completes appropriate client admission and discharge documents
    Responsible for security of the facility through inspection and frequent monitoring of rooms and hallways on all floors.  Performs security, bed checks, and client escort service under supervision. Obtains assistance from counselors as needed to address any problem behaviors displayed by clients.
    Records personal supplies given to clients on NCR inventory sheets.  Tracks daily inventory and use of program supplies as assigned.
  4. Oversees the meal services for breakfast, lunch, and dinner through coordination with the Centro Hispano kitchen to insure that meals are served within a proper environment and that sanitation concerns are addressed.
  5. Assists clients with self-administration of medications according to NCR medication policy.
  6. Insures that all clients are working within the established schedule and that they are attending all scheduled activities.  Supports the provision of direct individual, group and family therapy; didactic lectures and experiential seminars under direct supervision.

Qualifications:  A high school diploma, or above, with skills in human relations, Latino culture and  recovery dynamics. Ability to read and writein Spanish and English preferred. Driver’s license preferred.

Interested parties may send resumes to me via email, or regular mail at

Jacqueline Fisher, MHS, ICADC, CAAP, CCPG
Executive Director  Spanish American Civic Association
Director of Behavioral Health Nuestra Clinica