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Palm St. Neighborhood

Palm Street: revitalizing a city – one street at a time.

The Palm Street Neighborhood is the second cluster in the SACA Homeowner’s Choice program and is distinguished by receiving a 2009 Envision Lancaster County Leadership Award for Community Design and Placemaking.

Redevelopment challenges faced in the Historic Southeast community include narrow, irregular streets, lack of parking and traditional but aging red brick row houses that capture a historical era but are inadequate for today’s modern family.

The Palm Street project met these challenges by combining two older row houses into one modern townhouse, thus providing ample family spaced including three bedrooms with two and a half baths.

By emphasizing intelligent renovation rather than demolition, 12 neighborhood structures, each over 100 years old, were preserved in traditional style. In addition, ten new structures were designed to replicate these buildings so that, taken together, all 16 townhomes retain the area’s historical and cultural dimensions.

On the west side of the street, unattractive and aging garages that exited on street were demolished and replaced with off-street parking spaces for each homeowner. On the east side, a blighted old house and garage were demolished and replaced with a parking lot. The elimination of these structures greatly enhanced pedestrian traffic and increased the attractiveness and overall feeling of stability on Palm St.

The project was completed in Fall, 2009 and quickly sold out to new homeowners. Two new Homeowner Associations were created and continue to operate as an important neighborhood resources.