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Revitalization Success Stories

Right: Dana Poole and her youngest daughter Courtney. Dana just settled on her home at 432 North Street on 2/3/12. Dana is the latest home owner for our North & Locust Street Homes.

Congratulations to Dana & her family!

“I would have never imagined that I could own a house. Never. I thought I would always rent. Even though landlords have sold my apartments/houses from underneath me or left the upkeep to me. I figured those were things I’d just have to put up with.
“To own a home, I’d have to have good credit. Credit was never a high priority for me as a single mom. But I received credit counseling from Renee Thomas-Glover at SACA Development Corporation. She was determined, even when I couldn’t be, to get me and my girls in our own home. She helped me get my credit clean, put me on a budget and stayed after me to stick to it.

“And here I am a homeowner. This is more than a dream come true. I am the proud owner of a brand new home built by SACA Development Corporation. Paying less than I was in rent. And I have the security that I will never be told to move out, or that my rent is going up. It’s mine.”

Nikki Bethea