Community Meals

Fueling Our Community with
Food and Friendship

SACA exists to uplift and restore marginalized communities through human, economic, and social services while supporting cultural identities. One of the most significant ways we do this is through our Community Meals Program, which has been in operation since 2005.

COVID has escalated food insecurity within our community and SACA is committed to ensuring those who need food, fellowship, and hope have access to basic resources that fulfill these needs. The Community Meals Program provides 162 meals on a daily basis. We expect the need to continue to grow as the sustained impact of the pandemic has exacerbated issues like underemployment, unemployment, and health disparities in our community.

Who We Serve

SACA’s Community Meals Program serves everyone, regardless of age, income, or any other factor. Our doors are open and everyone is welcome! Our Grab and Go program provides lunch and dinner 6 days a week from our location at 545 Pershing Avenue, Lancaster. Our service hours run from 12 PM to 1 PM.


Numbers at a Glance: 2020

44,681 Meals Served
296 Days of Service
151 Average Meals Per Day

Numbers at a Glance: 2021

48,752 Meals Served
301 Days of Service
162 Average Meals Per Day

“I make sure I come every day to pick up food for my son. The fact that we get two warm meals is the best I can do to have food for him for the evening and even the next day.”

Testimonials like these are not unique. We hear them every day. And we’re grateful for that! This fuels our inspiration and passion to continue to grow an adequately-funded, reliable community meals program that people can count on.

Before COVID, we were serving 500 meals per week. Now we average 162 meals per day. Our community’s need for free, reliable, and nutritious meals is growing, and so is our need for community partners!

We look for every opportunity to collaborate and partner with other local organizations who share a similar mission, like the Central PA Food Bank, CAP/USDA Surplus Program, Council of Churches Food Hub, and donations from private donors, as well as grants and government funding.

Partners Make It Possible

SACA values partnerships at every level. From individuals who wish to support our community to integrated partnerships that maximize both resources and impact. We invite you to have a deeper conversation about partnering with SACA!