SACA Development Corporation

We invite you to see what’s possible in community revitalization.

For more than a quarter-century, SACA Development has been the catalyst for creating affordable housing and economic development opportunities within neighborhoods throughout Lancaster city. Over the decades, ideas became projects, and projects became pillars within the community that stand in proud representation of what can be accomplished when there is a shared vision for revitalization.

Our vision is that projects initiated by SACA Development will create communities that are all-inclusive, empowered to prosper through sustained social and economic transformation and share the belief that diversity is to be embraced and celebrated.

Among the most important and impactful ways to support community revitalization is through collaborative private-public partnerships. SACA Development remains dedicated to seeking out all opportunities to address housing affordability and grow community wealth in and beyond the borders of Lancaster.


Redevelopment challenges in the southeast include narrow streets, parking, and aging red-brick row houses that capture area history but are too small for today’s families. Homeownership Choice townhomes find creative ways to solve these problems and the Palm Neighborhood design has been honored with a prestigious Lancaster County Planning Commission Envision Award.

One last critical step for all SACA Development Homeownership Choice projects: the creation of a successful, active and independent neighborhood association that safeguards the community’s investment.

Another important milestone for SACA Development was the completion of the stunning new South Duke Street Business Center. This important economic development project, part of the City of Lancaster’s comprehensive plan since 1998, opened its doors to business tenants and quickly became fully occupied.

The attractive and revitalized structure provides space for the Belco Credit Union and is the new home of Pl@za Comunitaria, a SACA workforce initiative that provides career, job, and education opportunities in the heart of the neighborhood.

Pl@za Comunitaria operates in partnership with SACA, the Lancaster Workforce Investment Board, and others to serve over 150 clients a day. Bilingual career counselors help with job referrals, resume and interview skills, career advice, skill assessment, computer training, and adult education. The Pl@za also provides critical classes for both adults and young people who need to finish their high school education and complete the GED.