Employment Services

How do Tec Centro’s employment services work?

Tec Centro employment services are open Monday through Thursday starting at 8:30 am. We recommend arriving early as services are available on a first-come, first-served basis and only the first 10 clients will be served each day. Additional times are available by appointment only. Our trained staff can help with resumes, employment applications, and job referrals.

To qualify for our employment services, the only requirement is to be eligible to work legally in the USA. Clients should bring 2 forms of identification (For example: State ID and SS card).

What do employment services include?

We help with resume creation, employment applications, and look through our employer system to see if any openings would be a good fit for you.

How long will it take to find a job?

Our employment specialists are here to help you look for a position, but we cannot guarantee employment. Often, clients we assist are able to find employment through us or through their own job search in less than three months. This is determined based upon your qualifications, desired job, and the employment market.

Does using Tec Centro employment services mean I’ll get into your classes faster?

Working with our employment specialists does not mean you will get into a specific class any faster. Each of our classes and training programs have their own waitlists. You are welcome to sign up for those waitlists here.

When is the next Tec Centro job fair?

Please contact us at 717.509.6679 to learn more about our next job fair and employment events.

How can I share a job opening I have available?

If your business is hiring, we welcome you to share the information with Tec Centro! We will add this to our employment database, promote the job through our communication channels, and keep it in mind when working with individuals looking for employment. Please submit job openings to rrivera@sacapa.org.

How can I learn more about partnering with Tec Centro?

Tec Centro is always interested in discussions about partnerships with businesses and organizations who align with our missions! Please contact mbarbosa@sacapa.org for a conversation about partnerships and sponsorships.