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A Strong Latino Community Builds a Stronger Lancaster

Headquarters of Lancaster’s Spanish American Civic Association.

The Spanish American Civic Association, SACA Development Corporation and SACA Broadcasting have long been committed to the empowerment of the Latino community through a strenuous process of self-help and self-development and throughout that process, the betterment of the entire Lancaster community. Now more than ever, the Latino community needs to invest in itself and the general community is encouraged to invest in our efforts at community development.

The exciting things that are happening in the city and county of Lancaster — its new convention center, the vibrant arts community, the development of the northwest corridor — all developments worthy of support, can also obscure the fact that Lancaster has too many individuals and families affected by chronic poverty, double digit unemployment and structural underemployment.

We would like to add our voice in support of investments that train and educate our residents to enter the workforce, obtain a solid footing on the economic ladder and provide hope for economic mobility.

We hope that concern for the marginalized residents of our city and county will be foremost in the minds of policy makers, corporate and community foundation leaders and that this concern will translate into investments for solutions that replace “feel good” band aids to the profound issues that affect this community.

“I Have A Dream”
by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., marks
the restoration of Roberto Clemente Park,
a project undertaken by SACA
Development and others as part of the
Inner City Group Integrated Plan for
Southeast Lancaster.