SACA Receives Grant from PPL Foundation for Elm Street Project

SACA has received a $15,000 grant from the PPL Foundation. These funds will be used to support the Elm Street Project, and will directly help to improve walkability to Lancaster City’s largest senior center. It engages seniors, young people, and neighbors by adding shade trees, tree trimming, and reducing litter. According to Jose Lopez, CEO of SACA and SACA Development, “This project expands our placemaking efforts aimed at improving the overall environment of the neighborhoods. The PPL Foundation is a valued partner in making this project possible.”
Through strategic partnerships, the PPL Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that are engaged in innovative and groundbreaking work to create vibrant, sustainable communities; advance diversity, equity and inclusion; and support children’s success from cradle to career in both Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Learn more about this project and other advancements taking place at