Introducing Jose R Lopez

On July 13th, the Boards of SACA and SACA Development will welcome Jose R Lopez into the newly created position of President of SACA and SACA Development. Carlos Graupera, founder of SACA, will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of SACA and SACA Development.

“Jose is at heart a Lancaster native, and that’s exactly what we need as SACA heads into the future. He understands our community because he’s part of our community. Beyond that, Jose brings new capabilities to the table and an exciting vision for the future. He will enable SACA to continue to make progress, and he understands the value of our shared goal of empowering the community we serve and of which we are a part,” says Carlos Graupera, Founder, SACA.

The President of SACA will ensure that all operations and fundraising are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization. The President of SACA will report to the Chief Executive Officer and work collaboratively with the Board of Directors in leading SACA and SACA Development Corporation to deliver on its long-term vision.  Furthermore, the President will be responsible for all day-to-day operations.

“SACA is at its heart a local Lancaster County business, so it has very specific and unique needs as an organization. It is essential that SACA’s President have outstanding professional qualifications and experience; it is just as vital that the individual possess an understanding and connection to the community. We are fortunate and excited to have Mr. Lopez as our incoming President, not only because of his proven track record of professional accomplishments at a high level, but also because of his long-standing ties to and understanding of SACA’s target population,” says Angel Torres, SACA Board Chair.

Jose spent his youth in the southeast neighborhood of the city, very close to SACA’s Pershing Avenue facility. When his family first moved to Lancaster City, settling on Green Street, it was SACA that provided instrumental support in navigating local food programs, school district requirements, and helping to acclimate his family.

Jose, the second youngest of 10 children, is the first in his family to attend college. He credits that achievement with the tremendous services and connections his family received from SACA. As a young adult, he sat as a Board Member for SACA Development, ultimately serving as President and CEO. While Jose and his wife eventually moved out of Lancaster County, Lancaster City has always held a warm place in their hearts.

“I am excited to return to re-engage within the Lancaster community. Lancaster has changed in many positive ways since I left in 2002. In assuming this position, I bring a strong work ethic, experience in corporate management, and my in- epth knowledge of real estate development, valuation and marketing. I am thrilled to be able to put these skills to work in this new role at SACA,” Mr. Lopez remarks.

Mr. Lopez is passionate about community development and stewardship. He brings to SACA and SACA Development his extensive experience facilitating organizations and public meetings for large projects. His executive leadership includes chairing boards, managing collateral risk for a $1.3 billion financial institution, and appraising top-tier assets nationally and internationally.

Listen to Mr. Lopez’s first interview with WLCH below.
Recorded July 8, 2020.